Remove limits: connect boards seamlessly with Unlimited Mirror Column

The Unlimited Mirror Column App is designed to enhance the functionality of the platform's mirror columns feature.


How does it work

Traditionally, mirror columns in allow users to reflect data from one board to another, but they come with certain limitations that can hinder the seamless flow of information and the ability to fully integrate various boards and workflows.

This app addresses these constraints by enabling the replacement of mirror columns with normal columns that maintain the same format, thus removing the limitations associated with mirror columns. As a result, users can connect multiple boards without encountering the usual restrictions, allowing for a more integrated and efficient workflow.

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How to use

Just 5 easy steps to get your unlimited-mirror-column results:


Create an input board



Create an output board



Create a connect boards column into the output board



Install the first receipe in the input board



Install the second receipe in the output board


Check out this video and see just how easy
implementing Unlimited Mirror Column is:

It's important to mention that, due to the complexity of the API, the Unlimited Mirror Column app allows copying only 160 rows per minute.
Additionally, please note that the app is not available for People, Formula, and Files type columns, and the Output type of the column must match the Input type of the column from which the information is extracted.
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We offer fully customizable rates, considering your business needs.
Name Number of ops/month Yearly Price
Free Plan Up to 150 ops/month Free
Basic Plan 151-1000 ops/month $120
Standard Plan 1001-2000 ops/month $204
Premium Plan 2001-5000 ops/month $456
Pro Plan 5001-10000 ops/month $828
Business Plan 10001-20000 ops/month $1200
Enterprise Plan 20001-40000 ops/month $2160

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