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A SALES event dedicated to the Central Eastern European market.

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A HubSpot event dedicated to the CEE market


Come behind the scenes and see, through real examples and numbers, how a HubSpot partner uses HubSpot. The simplest, fastest and straightforward way to understand how using HubSpot will improve your company’s sales process. 
In this webinar we’re going to give you the no-nonsense guide to getting started as well as tackle some of the thorniest obstacles currently hindering your sales automation efforts.
We’ve put aside all unnecessary details to show you how bringing all your tools and data together in one easy-to-use CRM can free you up to focus on what really matters: your customers.


  • 1st Topic:
    What is HubSpot Sales Hub
  • 2nd Topic:
    Straightforward example: How to use HubSpot Sales Hub
  • Q&A


You'll have access to amazing international and Romanian industry experts:

Adrian Alexandrescu
Data-driven marketer and Digital
Transformation Expert with 18yrs+
experience in CRM & digital marketing.
HubSpot Certified Consultant.
Salesforce Certified Consultant.
Garry Ryan
Channel Account Manager
at HubSpot for the CEE region with
20 years experience
with indigenous and multinational
brands in domestic and global markets.

Key takeaways


After this event, you'll have an understanding of how to:


  • Assign each lead to the right sales rep;
  • Set-up a sales pipeline that matches your business process;
  • Automatically classify and warm-up leads;
  • Never lose sight of dormant leads;
  • Stick to a clear process when talking on the phone or visiting a client by using playbooks;
  • Use templates and document library for predefined sales pitch;
  • Stay up to date with leads' activities (email & document opens, new and recurring website visits);
  • Automatically assign sales task to any lead stage;
  • Generate sales targets & forecasting;
  • Generate reports with various metrics;
  • Use HubSpot directly from your Gmail or Outlook;
  • Integrate Linkedin - company/job/sector segmentation.

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