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Healthcare example & customer success stories

From HubSpot House in Dublin : Dedicated to Romanian market


A HubSpot event dedicated to the Romanian market


Consumers will be more connected to the web and digital platforms than ever. 
And, outbound strategies have gotten even more out of date.
But despite inbound marketing being a top trend, a lot of marketers get intimidated into believing they need a lot of complex and expensive tools to run inbound marketing at their business.
Nonsense. Automation is no longer a high-priced, inaccessible technology used by giant corporations.
In this webinar, we’re going to give you the no-nonsense guide to getting started as well as tackle some of the thorniest obstacles currently hindering your marketing automation efforts.

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  • 1st Topic:
    What is marketing automation
    and common myths debunked
  • 2nd Topic:
    Healthcare example
    live walkthrough
  • 3rd Topic:
    6 Quick wins
  • Q&A

With two success stories from Romanian businesses

You are going to hear from us

Bogdan Tufeanu
General Manager Dentstore

Paul Badea
Managing Partner Badsi


You'll have access to amazing international and Romanian industry experts:

Lyda Borgsteijn
Team lead at HubSpot
for the CEE region and senior account
executive with mixed experience
in management, consulting and
marketing/web development.
Adrian Alexandrescu
Data-driven marketer and Digital
Transformation Expert with 18yrs+
experience in CRM & digital marketing.
HubSpot Certified Consultant.
Salesforce Certified Consultant.
Garry Ryan
Channel Account Manager
at HubSpot for the CEE region with
20 years experience
with indigenous and multinational
brands in domestic and global markets.

Key takeaways


After this event, you'll have an understanding of:


  • What is marketing automation;
  • What are the most common myths - SPOILER ALERT - it’s not expensive;
  • What can marketing automation DO for YOUR business with live healthcare industry example & customer stories;
  • Concrete showing of HubSpot Marketing, Sales, Workflow Hubs;

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