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We’re going to start boldly: HubSpotting your e-commerce business is a dream come true because traditional advertising doesn’t work anymore. What does work is building a comprehensive and customer-oriented strategy that works for the customer or audience, rather than against them. And for this, HubSpot is the leading all-in-one e-commerce automation solution.


E-commerce for today’s buyers


With HubSpot e-commerce, you can be a brand that converts, a brand that tracks smart, a brand that is personal, and, in the end, a brand that people love. Did you know that 95% of people visiting your website don’t make a purchase? Let’s change that!


View All Your Ecommerce Data At One Place


The first step in using HubSpot for your e-commerce site is to connect HubSpot to your e-commerce store and sync your data across the platforms. Shopify connects directly with HubSpot. But, no matter what other platforms you use, HubSpot will help grow your online store by providing a host of tools to attract, convert, and delight, with seamless integration.


Know your customers’ buying patterns with customer segmentation

If your data is flying all over the place you are under-performing. Once your data is in HubSpot’s CRM, you can create nurturing campaigns based on what your customers want. The Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) value is one of the most efficient ways to identify your best customers. The integration solution allows you to deeply analyze your customers’ behavior and segment them based on their RFM value.


User-Friendly Dashboard & Performance Reports

We always try to create a seamless experience for the clients that visit our online shop. We know what user-friendly means when it comes to the services or products we are selling. But how about applying the same principle to our reporting dashboard? The HubSpot for eCommerce integration solution comes with an easy-to-use dashboard. This is the tool that can also help you generate comprehensive reports quickly and ready to impress.


Track revenue using direct attribution reporting

HubSpot for eCommerce provides direct attribution reporting between marketing efforts and customer orders. You can easily share the eCommerce data with your team. This way, you can use the insights provided by the report to generate new competitive strategies.

Marketing automation for e-commerce or how to run your business a self-driving Tesla

Marketing automation for e-commerce or how to run your business a self-driving Tesla
Marketing automation for e-commerce or how to run your business a self-driving Tesla

How does inbound work for ecomm?

Apply the inbound methodology to your business


E-commerce inbound marketing





Connect your
Online Store to HubSpot

With powerful integrations


HubSpot for Shopify

Integrate your Shopify data in HubSpot


HubSpot for WooCommerce

Abandoned cart and automation with WooCommerce HubSpot integration.

bridge final1

Ecomm Bridge

Ecomm Bridge is a set of APIs that help connect any store to HubSpot.

igine final1

EYEMAGINE - Magento HubSpot Integration

Up-selling and recovering abandoned Magento carts.

Groove final1

Groove - Shopify Integration


Shopify into HubSpot from zero to hero.

Unific Logo1

Shopify Sync by Unific


Abandoned cart, draft order, order, custom fields, variants, customers.

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